Ijetronics Technology Co Limited is a company focus on solar renewable energy product,battery, LED lamp and laser printing machine.

We supply high quality product at reasonable cost in a professional way.

Our solar product ranges but not limited to solar modules, solar inverter, lead acid battery, lithium battery,solar regulator, cable connector, connection cables.

As well as printing machine ranges but not limited to laser printing machine, inkjet printer, converyor belt, paging machine and accessories.

We are happy to receive your contact with Ijetronics.

  1. COACH HIRE Services

    We have a bus fleet of 50 large and small coaches at our disposal, ranging from 12, 14, 18, 24, 33 & 50 seater coaches. Our bus fleet size means that we are in a position to handle all transport requirements, from short trip training seasons to long distance weekends away.局部内容--文字模块

  2. COACHES Reliability

    We understand the need for reliability and punctuality to all organisers. We ensure that our coaches arrive at your destinations on time, whether it be for the start of a match or to catch a flight.

  3. COMPETITIVE Pricing

    Due to the large size of our bus fleet and the high volume of work that the company undertakes on an ongoing basis we are able to price all our bus hire quotations very keenly.